Bremner Sings Kurt Weill, Vol:2


The new CD with 14 songs of Kurt Weill, recorded in Edinburgh and New Orleans comes out at the end of May, 2017.  Available on Itunes, Amazon, Spotify and CDbaby. 

Bremner Sings Kurt Weill, Vol 2: Moon Faced, Starry Eyed

Says Bremner: "I've been entranced by the music of Kurt Weill throughout my adult life. I've sung his songs in lovely concert halls and in dark, dilapidated saloons. After all these years, I am still moon-faced and starry-eyed about his music. This new collection of songs, with new arrangements by David Patrick, explores the dark, delightful complexity of Kurt Weill’s music."

bremner sings kurt weill, vol 2: moon faced, starry eyed album cover




Eclectic. Diverse. Brilliant.  Kurt Weill wrote extraordinary songs.  Songs of desire and love.  Songs of hatred and anger.  Songs of hope and renewal.

Why such eclectic brilliance? Unlike Gershwin or Porter or Rodgers and Hammerstein, Kurt Weill was forever marked by life in Germany in the 1920's, when that country was ripped apart by politics, racism and economic strife.  In response, theatre, music and art  tried to strip emotions raw and question everything.  As a result, Weill could shift between the sublime and the shocking in  a heartbeat. 

Every moment spent with his work is a moment of discovery: Weill forces us to open up our hearts, to hear and see the world anew.