The Sky Was Blue is a fun, swinging, edgy album of non-standard standards.  With masterpieces from Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen, The Talking Heads and Velvet Underground going head to head with classic jazz standards.  

Bremner says: one night I sat up in bed and grumpily asked myself, "Why should all the jazz standards be from 1950 and earlier? What about all the great songs from the 70's, 80's, 90's?"

So, I started by picking songs that I loved.

Because I figured, 'Bremner, if you need to borrow some things, make sure they are the best'. Make sure none of them is less than beautiful. Then take some ideas, some concepts: jazz, rock and roll, poetry, crooners, a red velvet lounge in Las Vegas.  Remember a deep night in Texas driving down a dusty road with sweet radio pouring out the open windows of migrant fieldworkers. Then whisper and croon and snarl.  Go looking for a flame to start a fire, for a way forward through the song, and hope to end up with sharp edged, velvet lined ballads that pay homage to the past and point to the future."