The Sky Was Blue is a fun, edgy album of non-standard standards, with songs from Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen, The Talking Heads and Velvet Underground going head to head with classic jazz standards.  

Bremner says: 'one night I sat up in bed and grumpily asked myself, "Why should all the jazz standards be from 1950 and earlier? What about all the great songs from the 70's, 80's, 90's?"

I started picking songs that I loved, because I figured, if you need to borrow some things, take the best. Make sure none of them is less than beautiful. Then take some ideas, some concepts: jazz, rock and roll, poetry, crooners, a red velvet lounge in Las Vegas.  Remember a deep night in Texas when you were driving down a dusty road with sweet radio pouring out the open windows of migrant fieldworkers. Then whisper and croon and snarl.  Go looking for a flame to start a fire, for a way forward through the song, and make swinging sharp edged, velvet lined ballads that pay homage to the past and future.'