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Les Belles Chansons Françaises

Piaf, Brel, Trenet, aznavour and more


From the passionate ballads of Edith Piaf, the scandalous works of Serge Gainsbourg and the desperate emotion of the songs of Jacques Brel, all the way to the beautiful odes to Paris by Yves Montand and Charles Trenet, France has produced some of the finest lyric-driven music to date. In this recollection of the masters of French chanson, Bremner sings some of the best examples of the form, providing a musical odyssey through the bars and cafés of Paris.

"If you’re a fan of French chanson, as I am, this is a chance to experience it live. Duthie is an intense actor with a supple voice. This is a chance to experience French Chanson live, performed by musicians who truly love the material."

-Edmonton Sun


"A bravura display of amazing colour and dynamic range in this must-see show.  Five stars."

-Winnipeg Free Press

"Glorious, classically trained voice…an excellent cabaret show." 

-Edmonton Journal

"Duthie sings deep and powerfully and with passion enough to simultaneously tame and break a heart in the same measure."

-Vue Magazine

"A beautifully rendered and loving homage to the French icons."


"I started crying at La Vie en Rose around the halfway mark and didn’t stop until the end. If you want to hear beautiful music sung beautifully, simply and passionately check this out. "

-Plank Magazine

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