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Finding your Natural Voice:
Individual and Group
Singing Lessons

Finding Your Natural Voice

After the years I have spent improving and developing my own voice, I want to help you do the same. In a spirit of joy, we will explore the huge possibilities of your voice, and we will find the most natural sound for the songs you love to sing. Whether you want to become a professional opera singer, sing lead or back-up in your band, perform musical-theatre, audition for a choir, do sacred chanting, or if you just like to sing in the shower and would like to use your voice in a healthier and stronger way, I will work with you to lay the foundation and develop the tools you need to achieve your goals


I am a graduate of the voice program of McGill Music in Montreal, have twice attended the institute for 20th Century opera in Banff, Alberta, studied in New York City with the amazing Cornelius Reid.  I have an active vocal studio in New Orleans and have performed in every kind of singing theatre, from touring Broadway musicals, to Jazz, Cabaret and Contemporary Music Theatre.


Too often performers are conditioned to think they have a "speaking voice" and a "singing voice” and struggle to shift easily between those two states. Yet, in fact, the voice we use to speak, laugh, cry, shout, scream and yawn is the same voice we use to sing. I work with you on learning how to connect to your voice and have an approach that is physically energizing, vocally freeing, and infinitely practical. Some skills you’ll learn will include total connection to breath and breath management, song interpretation, ear training, sight singing, music theory, harmonizing and language proficiency.

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