My songs of rivers and travel,
protest and trains

My very first childhood memory (apart from hiding behind Mom’s chair when the flying monkeys arrived) is walking alone down a street when I was 5 years old, making up a song. I sang it as loud as possible all the way home.  After that, they couldn’t get me to shut up.  Every afternoon, Mom would have lunch on the table as I walked in the door. She could hear me coming.

Well, I grew up, and made myself a 20 career singing other people's songs. And now, all these years later, it's good be back singing my own tunes.

Someone described my songs as Leonard Cohen meets Warren Zevon meets John Prine. Personally, I dream there’s also a tiny dash of Dolly and Hank, Sinatra and Sammy, Weill and Brecht and Ira and George. 

Here are some videos from my living room and my writing studio in New Orleans, and some pictures from a session with the amazing photographer Louis Maistros.  I feel honored to be among the many New Orleans performers he's captured on film.  I'm looking forward to getting back on stage soon and singing these live. (For more video, check out the video page, and for my five albums of other people's music, check out the music page. )

A travel song, dedicated to the most epic world traveller I've ever met: my mother.

'Sugar and Grease', a kind-of travel song: a song about watching and dreaming about the delights of the French Quarter from across the mighty Mississippi

From my writing studion in New Orleans, my first protest song

“a fantastic show - a perfect festival experience – outstanding singing,

in a distinctive setting. 

It was seedy.  It was stirring.  It was utterly memorable.”  -Andrew Clover, of the Sunday Times, UK

Bremner sings, photos by Louis Maistros3.jpg
Bremner sings, photos by Louis Maistros6.jpg

 "And my god, does he ever sing. Bremner's performance is jaw-dropping-my jaw literally dropped-as he not only sings beautifully but actually performs the songs beautifully as well. This is the show the lucky few who get to see it will be raving about until next year's Festival, and you should kick yourself if you're not one of them. " --View Magazine, Hamilton , Ontario

a voice of power and inner beauty that commands the whole space...."

-Musical Stages Magazine: London, England

Bremner sings, photos by Louis Maistros9.jpg
Bremner sings, photos by Louis Maistros5.jpg

 “This one-man show was dark, glitzy, dingy and sparkled with the life of a performer down on his luck. …  Innocent and at the same time far too world-weary, Bremner's voice was strong and beautiful. Darlings, life is a cabaret!” -Three Weeks Magazine