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In Charge on Stage: Create your
one-person show

Create Your Own One-Person Show

Why create a one-person show?  For the chance to tell a story that thrills you.  For the excitement and challenge of captivating an audience for one hour. For the ability to go deep into an idea. For total control over artistic choices. For a chance to be yourself, or any number of characters.


And because auditioning for someone else’s work is about fulfilling someone else expectations. And even if you are amazing at your audition, maybe you are the wrong height, or perhaps they need a different look, or a million other possibilities which mean you don’t get the gig. Creating your own work allows you to push yourself in ways a casting agent or producer would never allow you to do. Because their priority is getting their show on stage, not your artistic potential.


I have developed a dozen solo shows, and performed these around the world to Five Star reviews.  These shows have dealt with themes that go from personal loss, hope and desire, history and memory, and my passion for particular songwriters.


This workshop helps you build compelling, authentic and theatrical solo performance as students begin crafting and writing their own solo show.  You can come with a fully formed idea of what you’d like your show to be about, or you can come in with no idea whatsoever. We will cover the basics: how to figure out what your show’s about, which techniques to use, what structure to give it, and what your working process will be. Will explore the work in a mix of presentation, discussion, partnered and group exercises, and one-on-one coaching. All levels of experience are welcome. The class begins with an overview of story structure. Then, students will share an outline of their show. During the last session, students will share a fully formed draft of an excerpt of their show.  Creative work is one of the best ways to process what’s on your mind, in your heart, and moving through your body. What you’ll need to bring is curiosity, openness and a desire to communicate something on stage.

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