Booze, Bars and Cocktails: Songs From A Wine Stained Notebook

A one-man show by singer and actor Bremner Fletcher Duthie

Let’s celebrate inebriation, intemperance and revelry, with drinking songs and stories from Tom Waits to Screaming Jay Hawkins, and from Sinatra to Rihanna.


At the Fabulous AllWays Lounge and Cabaret in New Orleans: TV-free, and always committed to community, booze, and music.

“I have betrayed myself with belief,

deluded myself with love, 

tricked myself with sex,

but the bottle is damned faithful,

the bottle will not lie”

Charles Bukowski

Bars used to be special places in this city. Bars where new styles of music were created. Where communities came together over a drink. Special, magical places where we could shelter, revive, meet, laugh, conspire, find a friend, a lover.


But old-school bars are under siege these days--threatened with property values, new zoning rules banning bars and music, attempts to control the places where communities used to meet.


To hell with all that!


I believe in the old-school bar.

No television, lots of music, lots of conversation.


As WC Fields said, “A man's got to believe in something.

I believe I'll have another.”


This is a celebration of booze, bars and cocktails—and all the wonderful, messy, beautiful things that start in bars.


My muse, guiding us through the night, is America’s drinking poet, one-time NOLA resident, Charles Bukowski, who wrote about the flawed lives we all lead: “Getting drunk was good. I decided that I would always like getting drunk. It took away the obvious and maybe if you could get away from the obvious often enough, you wouldn't become obvious yourself."



A New Orleans local, Bremner has performed on three continents in theatres, jazz clubs and cabarets. He likes to say that he is love with songs that tell a story. His eclectic and versatile recording career explores everything from the jazz classics of Gershwin and Rodgers and Hammerstein, pop ballads by Joni Mitchell and the Talking Heads, the French Chanson of Brel and Piaf, and the 1930's classics by Kurt Weill.


NOLA Defender Magazine said: "he will have you close to tears one moment and laughing the next - an absolute joy to watch."


Britain’s Sunday Times said: “Outstanding singing. It was sleazy. It was stirring. It was utterly memorable.”


Every other Sunday

The Allways Lounge, 2240 St Claude Ave

6pm - 8pm

March 1st, 15th, 29th.  April 12th, 26th


Pay as you can/Tips appreciated.

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