'33(a kabarett)
a one-man weimar musical

"laughter and jaw-dropping physicality... a must see."
-Theatre Jones, Dallas

"an incredible one-man show....

brilliant acting."
- PBS America

'33 (a kabarett): In the ruins of a Cabaret theatre, an actor tumbles onto a darkened stage. When the lights come up he finds himself alone. His friends and colleagues have disappeared, arrested by the authorities.  Only their glittering, torn costumes remain. In order to escape the same fate and survive, the actor should run and vanish into the night, but an audience has slipped through the broken door.  So, in tribute, he uses all his talents to joyously recreate the acts of the missing company.


The Comedian, the Showgirl, the Song and Dance Man and the rest of his troupe spring to life as the actor pays homage to his disappeared friends. '33(a kabarett) features 9 songs from the era, with new arrangements by Bremner's jazz trio.

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'33 (a kabarett) has been performed across North America and Europe to full houses and critical acclaim. In Europe, '33 was  chosen open the Armmono Theatre Festival in Armenia, commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide. It has recently toured in the Balkans and to the Ukraine and will be touring in Russia, Germany and Eastern. It has received Five Star reviews at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and has been performed at festivals across North America .  

a kurt weill cabaret

A fast-paced fusion of reality, comedy, music... and a touch of tragedy.  Whiskey Bars is a strikingly original, unpredictable singer's story of  attempting a final comeback, fueled by too many vodka martinis and Kurt Weill's dark and daring songwriting.   

Backstage, in old dressing room of a run down cabaret theatre, just before his big comeback performance, a performer battles an invisible critic, trying every trick he knows to win a good review.  There are lies, seduction, charm, anger and outright begging - and in the process he reveals more then he expects about himself and his belief and love for the music of the amazing Kurt Weill. 

“a fantastic show - a perfect festival experience – outstanding singing, in a distinctive setting - with the story of the insecure performer lending subtext and dynamism to a thrilling reworking of Weill material. It was seedy.  It was stirring.  It was utterly memorable.”

Andrew Clover, Sunday Times (uk)


"...theatre at its very best.  Bremner’s classical training and background as a many-year veteran in musicals and jazz bands is evident from the outset. By the time we arrived at the chillingly Speak Low - calm on the surface, yet bubbling with undercurrents of febrile yearning - we were left with no doubt whatsoever that we were in the presence of a true master of his craft.  This show is, like the best of Weill's own works for the stage, a seamless blend of gripping entertainment and genuinely moving art."

The Edinburgh Fringe Review


"It takes more than just an expressive voice to really communicate Kurt Weill songs - it takes love, fear, regrets, wistfulness, loneliness, tragedy and charm. And above all, it takes a fine actor. Bremner has it all" 

-Theatreworld Magazine, London, England

From Berlin to Broadway is an intimate musical cabaret-concert, infused with Bremner’s warmth and humour, which gives audiences a fondness for Kurt Weill’s music and an insight into this legendary figure. Weill was a revolutionary and an angry young man, an avant-garde of the 20th century, who broke new musical and theatrical ground and has left an enormous musical legacy.


His most famous works were his Berlin cabaret and theatre collaborations with Bertolt Brecht. As the Nazis took power in Germany and Weill fled to America, he quickly linked up with writers and lyricists like Ira Gershwin, Oscar Hammerstein, Maxwell Anderson, Elmer Rice, and the literary giant of the Harlem Renaissance, Langston Hughes. 


As well as bringing to the fore Weill’s musical brilliance and his passionate views on subjects such as human injustice, Bremner’s concert beautifully shares the story of Weill’s complex relationship with the love of his life, actress Lotte Lenya.

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