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“a fantastic show - a perfect festival experience – outstanding singing, in a distinctive setting.  It was seedy.  It was stirring.  It was utterly memorable.”  -Andrew Clover, of the Sunday Times

"When he sings, his voice is like a big, dark, sultry room --full of emotive and expressive possibilities. Even when Bremner sings in languages other than English, the passion and subtext come startlingly alive."  -The Georgia Straight, Vancouver

"It takes more than just an expressive voice to really communicate these songs - it takes love, fear, regrets, wistfulness, loneliness, tragedy and charm. And above all, it takes a fine actor. Bremner has it all'  -Theatreworld Magazine, London, England

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“...his remarkable voice interprets the songs of Kurt Weill better than anybody since Lotte Lenya! (His rendition of 'Speak Low When You Speak Love' will break your heart.) An absolute MUST”  - CBC Winnipeg

"Bremner is a wonderful stage presence...with a voice of power and inner beauty that commands the whole space..... One feels seduced by the sheer power and beauty of this performance" -Musical Stages Magazine: London, England

"Any diehard theatre fan will adore this treat, which features the music of Kurt Weill and includes one of the best renditions of Mack the Knife you're likely to hear. Extraordinary. "  -The Winnipeg Sun

Tom Andes CD release Carnival 1-24-22 10 LR.jpg

 "And my god, does he ever sing. Bremner's performance is jaw-dropping-my jaw literally dropped-as he not only sings beautifully but actually performs the songs beautifully as well. This is the show the lucky few who get to see it will be raving about until next year's Festival, and you should kick yourself if you're not one of them. " --View Magazine, Hamilton , Ontario

“This one-man show was dark, glitzy, dingy and sparkled with the life of a performer down on his luck. …  Innocent and at the same time far too world-weary, Bremner's voice was strong and beautiful. Darlings, life is a cabaret!” -Three Weeks Magazine

“Bremner’s classical training and background as a many-year veteran in musicals and jazz bands is evident from the outset. By the time we arrived at the chillingly Speak Low - calm on the surface, yet bubbling with undercurrents of febrile yearning - we were left with no doubt whatsoever that we were in the presence of a true master of his craft... a seamless blend of gripping entertainment and genuinely moving art.”  -The Edinburgh Fringe Review

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"The music is sung with all the passion the character brings to bear when introducing it. Bremner's voice and performance give songs like I'm a Stranger Here Myself the perfect level of sexuality and tenderness, while his version of Je ne t'aime pas demonstrates what he means when he says "Weill can break your heart in any language"."  -The Scotsman

"Bremner's voice thoroughly resonates with a forceful and precise mastery... An informative and passionately musical experience by a talented performer." -New Orleans Defender Magazine

Don't expect crooning: Bremner is a baritone with operatic scope, instead of mere interludes: the songs become weapons in his barrage of ideas." - See Magazine, Edmonton

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